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Loreak Mendian red T-shirt for SPAIN arts & culture

by Loreak Mendian


SPAIN arts & culture commissioned Loreak Mendian to create a t-shirt that would transmit the warmth, friendship, and good feeling of Spanish society. After a few designs and exchanges, the design was selected: A classic wicker chair sustained by four legs, inviting people to meet up on the streets; to laugh, to sing, to live. The text that accompanies the illustration makes the message clear by saying “Come and sit with us.”

We are happy with the results and hope that you enjoy it as much as we liked designing it.

About Loreak Mendian

As a brand, Loreak Mendian remains faithful to itself — they have been able to grow, develop and explore their universe, which is built on the four pillars of our creative map: Basque roots, arts, music and surf.

The timeless nature of the classics is a big reference for Loreak Mendian’s collections for boys and girls, which reveal a taste for vintage aesthetics, pure shapes, functional clothes and well-done items.

Loreak Mendian is a ceaselessly inquiring brand, capable of appreciating and valuing human inventiveness. As a brave brand, instead of feeling threatened by others’ creativity, they are always looking for synergies with other artists, regardless of the disciplines involved. The result of their collaborations will always be enriching.